Less Than Perfect

He was already late. It began with me asking nicely, then less nicely, then using really vacuous threats like ”if you don’t get up now you are going to be late”…..vacuous because this particular human doesn’t at all care about the concept of time or how being on time matters. So I jumped to things […]

There I am saying it: IT IS JUST TOO MUCH !

I wrote the following piece while I was living in the UK and my eldest son was in school there……. *** When my kids were born  mama bear was born too. She is the part of me that just knows when something threatens the well-being of my children and will do anything to protect them. She was born in you too. A […]

A Lesson in Transience

In that fuzzy place between sleep and a new day the soft footed steps of my youngest son suggest the beginning of my most favourite and precious time. Right on time he shuffles into our bedroom, walks the well-worn path to my side of our bed and looks at me quietly. Without a sound he […]

A Lesson in Living with Joy

Sitting on the edge of my couch blankly staring at a muted episode of Peppa pig my right ear, pressed against the telephone receiver, heard the vet telling me that our feisty labrador Capri was in a bad way and that it was time to make a decision, my left ear heard the splashing and […]

A Lesson in Going with the Flow

I like the idea of yoga. It is nourishing and good for me but prioritising it is hard. Especially with young children. There is a kind of yoga I like called kundalini yoga. Mostly because it is practiced  with eyes closed so that  I can totally pretend that my yogic dance looks as graceful, flexible and as […]

Lesson: Never Pass an Opportunity to Pee

Dry nappy on toddler, check Coerced eldest son to use the toilet to “just try and see if some wee will come out”, check Put shoes on moving children and self, check Keys, purse, phone, check Quick glance in mirror to ensure I am wearing my “I have got this parenting thing down” face as […]

A Lesson in Brotherhood

He has hit that cute stage, right around 18 months when his gorgeousness is off the scale. Speaking “mommmmyyyyy   joooo” while waving at his drink bottle he is oblivious to the cartwheels my heart responds with. His “uh oh” when his chubby still learning fingers lose hold of his toy car sends my cells in […]

A Lesson in Letting Go

When he was six weeks old my baby boy was rushed to hospital with Bronchiolitis. He was admitted to NICU and put on a ventilator to assist his breathing while his body cleared the infection. It was the most terrifying experience of my life. Still I cannot see an ambulance without my heart skipping a […]

A Lesson in Loving Me

I have for many years used the power of affirmations to direct my perspective, my choices and the reality I create every day. My affirmations change as I do. I have them written up on post-it notes around my desk, on my fridge and bathroom mirror. I say them as a mantra or some days […]